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Monday, October 18, 2010


I saw this movie the other night.. It's called Dorian Gray. It was an extremely creepy movie, I had bad dreams after watching it. It was a good movie overall just STRANGE! The whole picture coming to life thing, ick!

So the baby's doing well. One doctor says I'm 25 weeks today and one says I'm 24 week tomorrow, confused. We got new pictures of him =D. My boyfriend, and father to the baby, is overly excited. So much so that he must, MUST, sow off our little boys genital shot from the ultrasound pictures.

So, the holidays are coming fast. Not sure what to do or where I'm going to be to celebrate everthing. How's everyones holiday plans coming? Well I hope.


  1. That's good to hear that the baby is doing well

  2. good to hear about your baby. oh, and i thought dorian gray was cool, BTW