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Monday, October 11, 2010


So I just downloaded a free trial of World of Warcraft yesterday. I've put in a few hours of game play and it seems like a pretty good, and addictive game. I'm interested in seeing all the possiblities it has to offer as time goes on. I'm debating about installing the full version, I might wait until my trail is closer to being finished. I've also been informed that there is a new one coming out soon and not to bother downloading the one I'm currently playing.


  1. good luck, it will eat away your soul

  2. World of Warcraft is a great and addicting game, however if you want to play now you have to pay like 75 euros for the original game and its expansions, as well as 15 euros a month. If you ask me, I'd rather play Minecraft, which is in my opinion just as much fun, costs only 10 euros, and is free to play indefinately.

  3. you have no idea what youre getting yourself into

  4. i played for like 2 weeks and forgot there was a outside world so i didnt subscribe lol